Be Employable

Gone are the days when merely holding a Degree or professional degree would fetch you the most desired job. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, wherein thousands of degree holders enter the employment market at the same time, the employers want to pick up nothing but the best.

According to Skill India 2018 report, wherein a detailed survey is been presented on employability across various domains, states, cities, gender and issues pertaining to employability, the employability of engineering students is 52% in 2017 which in turn indicates that around 48% of the engineers are unemployed despite cracking good scores and studying throughout all semesters. Imagine the scenario where 48% of the youth having technical degree are unemployed.

Be Employable is a step towards skilling the youth and graduates for becoming employable in the eyes of employees. The grooming sessions oriented towards improvising the individual’s

Communication skills: Comprising English communication & Voice Modulations.

Soft skills: Team work attitude, Leadership traits

Presentation Skills: Emphasise on removing stage fear, Improving public speaking abilities.

Interview Skills : Controlling nervousness while facing interview, answer smartly.

Confident gesture: Understanding Body language for confident posture.

Subject knowledge: The key points to remember about their subjects of specialization.

For Whom

  • Students in second last semester of their graduations
  • Appearing for campus interviews
  • Looking for direct jobs in the market
  • People who lack confidence
  • Who wants to improve Public speaking
  • Who wants to improve presentation skills
  • Remove fear of Interviews


  • Trainers from Human Resources Industry
  • Body Language experts
  • Communication experts and
  • Psychologist.


1 Month – Mon-Friday OR 2 Month -Weekends

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