EDP is a programme meant to develop entrepreneurial abilities among the people. It is important to note that the concept of entrepreneurship development programme involves equipping a person with the required skills and knowledge essential for the commencement and running the enterprise.
The main motive of such entrepreneurship development programme is to widen the base of entrepreneurship skills for the first generation, technology and women entrepreneurs.
It is to be considered that such EDP is designed to help an individual in strengthening motive and acquiring skills and capabilities crucial for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively.
We can even define EDP as a planned effort to identify, inculcate ,develop, and polish the capabilities and skills as the prerequisites of a individual to become and behave as an entrepreneur.

Let’s have a look on the objectives of EDP-

The major objectives of the entrepreneurship development programme are to-
● Develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial quality .ie motivation or need for the achievement.
● Analyse environmental set up relating to small industry and small business.
● Understand the process and procedure involved in setting up a enterprise.
● Know the pros and the cons in becoming an entrepreneur.

Besides some of the other important objectives of the EDPs are to –

● Get a holistic approaçh about different aspects of managing a business.
● Learn critical aspects with respect to legal ways, annual legal compliances.
● Deep understanding about financial planning, short term and long term financial management.
● Understand marketing dynamics, go to market strategies, long term marketing strategies.
● Mentoring with respect to product development, technical guidance for product development.
● Prepare him or her to accept the uncertainty in running a start up.
● Enable to communicate clearly and effectively.
● Make him learn compliance with law.

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